Everybody Wants Access to Convenience & Speed

Sell more cars faster with a paperless, self-service enabled credit experience for new and returning customers with online to in-store integrations and certified secure credit workflows all designed to work the way you do.  


We Work Well With Others

Our in-store digital credit solutions include direct integrations with DealerTrack, RouteOne, all major CRM & Inventory Management platforms and many DR platforms.

Showroom Credit Solutions

Use one, multiple or all of our showroom credit solutions for one monthly fixed price.

No additional setup required.


Showroom Credit Portal

Paperless, self-service enabled credit portal allowing customers to securely submit a new credit application or access a previously submitted lead/application data - accelerating your sales process and increasing productivity.

Digital Retailing CreditApp

Digital Retailing Credit App

Accelerate conversions of your higher intent in-store buyers with a digital, fully configurable, hard or soft pull long-form application with optional digital signature capture and printable credit application autofill


Prescreen Express

Dealer initiated, soft-pull credit solution requiring only the customers name and address, providing you an upfront snapshot of the customers credit profile, and insights into their buying power before you start working the deal.


Customer Gateway

Convert more shopper opportunities into transactional deals with a certified secure communications platform for consumers to re-access and update previously submitted information, upload any required documentation and interact with you the dealer.

Stand out where your customers start out.

The majority of your showroom traffic walks in without pre-arranged financing.  You want to sell cars.  A  ‘credit first’ experience improves first-time closing ratios and deal profitability.

Credit Reports

  • Partnered with Experian, Equifax and TransUnion

  • Integrated partner with most credit resellers including 700Credit, CBC and NCC. (Able to integrate with all other resellers.)

  • Configurable for soft credit pull pre-screen, pre-qualification and traditional hard credit pulls.

  • Full credit report file (Not selective attributes) and live FICO score (Not a score range) included with all pre-approvals and all pre-qualifications from all bureaus.

  • Pull 1, 2 or 3 full-featured bureau reports in seconds

  • Integrated Compliance Suite

Ultimate Flexibility

  • Soft pull pre-qualification (with or without SS#)

  • Optional/required form input fields

  • Multiple Yes/No configuration options

  • Option for cash buyers

  • Option to push the customer’s non-PII information directly into your CRM.

  • Yes/No option to push into DealerTrack and RouteOne platforms for decisioning.

  • Campaign, salesperson and vehicle specific credit app URL’s.

Test You Knowledge

Pre-screen and pre-qualification products are very different in how they work and the impact they have on your dealership processes. Do you know the differences?

10 Dealer Advantages

Connected Credit Workflow

Online to in-store credit workflow means easy re-access for consumers that have applied previously online and need to append a previously submitted app or add references, bank info etc. - eliminating information gaps and redundancies.

Convenience & Speed

Fully digital credit experience with anytime, anywhere access via any mobile device or showroom PC – initiated at any point in your sales process - means never leaving the customer alone and saving up to 20 minutes per deal.

Structure More Profitable Deals...Faster

As part of a ‘credit first’ selling experience, knowing your shoppers credit profile and buying power upfront enables the desk to move the customer to a ‘yes’ - in the right deal structure and finance product - right from the start.

Improved Accuracy and Productivity

Paperless, self-service enabled credit process means no more double data entry and potential re-keying errors.

Fully Configurable

Dealer controlled credit filters. Option to push your customers information directly into your CRM. Yes/No option to push into DealerTrack and RouteOne platforms for decisioning.

No Switching Required

Regardless of your existing website credit application provider, API’s can allow the customer to quickly re-access and append a previously submitted application.

Amazing Buying Experience

Early realistic payment quoting, frictionless and transparent negotiation, and faster transitions to and through delivery are significant drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Certified Secure

We maintain Certificate of Compliance for Security Standards and Audit Procedures – ensuring the highest security standards in the industry. Encryption at the system database level is one example.
All data is stored for 7 years.

White Glove Customer Support

Personalized onboarding and set-up. Live customer support, including after hours. Ongoing training, optimizations and best practice sharing post sale.

Month-to-month Freedom 

We want to earn your business everyday. No long-term contract to lock you down. Monthly fixed pricing. No hidden fees.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“We incorporated the Showroom App into our ‘write-up’ process and its worked GREAT!!  It’s an easy, fluid process and a much more efficient way of handling the customer application. I highly recommend it!”

Gene’s CDJR
Fairbanks, AK

“Once we realized how quickly and easily it integrated with our existing credit bureau software, we even started using the tool in the showroom, rather than relying on handwritten credit applications. In the digital arena, the constant barrage of offerings can get overwhelming. It was nice to try, and now come to rely on, a platform as effective as eLEND Solutions.”

Ed Morse Automotive Group
Delray, FL

“eLEND’s Credit Solutions are a key component of our Digital Retailing strategies and has enabled us to offer a totally paperless credit experience for our in-store customers. They have been a great business partner, allowing us to move towards a fully digital experience for our guests.”

Longo Toyota
El Monte, CA