No fakes. No Fraud. No Doubt

Fraud schemes are becoming increasingly difficult to detect and more challenging to prevent. Protect your dealership and your customers with the most advanced identity verification program in the industry

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Some of Our Customers

We work with all dealership types, all brands and some of the largest dealer groups in the country

Our Identity Solutions

The most effective fraud prevention strategy demands a layered, multi-factor combination of identity proofing technologies.

identity verification

ID Drive™

In just 6 seconds - powered by the same authentication technology used by the Department of Homeland Security - ID Drive™ performs 50+ forensic tests for robust authentication of any driver license or any other government issued ID from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico + 160 other countries.


ID Drive™ Mobile

Perfect for on the lot customers and remote test drives, quickly scan and digitize the data from any U.S. driver license – anytime, anywhere with any smartphone. Checks for front-side and barcode data consistency, securely processes the scan results to your dashboard and exports the data into your CRM.



Sophisticated, multi-factor identity verification solution designed to detect synthetic and true name fraud red flags by verifying the customers PII (including address, phone, email, and the individuals unique ID combination of Name, DoB & SS#) and establish "proof of presence" in an interaction for start-to-finish risk free selling.

Advantages for GM/GSM’s

  • Connected workflows: Our solutions include direct integrations with all major CRM & Inventory platforms.

  • More opportunities: Intelligent data capture and real-time CRM export takes seconds, ensures you capture and work so many more, often missed, in-store leads.

  • Accountability and speed: Embedded technology automates several manual/paper-based steps in the sales process - streamlining workflows and reducing average transaction times by up to 60 minutes.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Frictionless ID verification, and simplified workflows lead to a faster moving buying experience – creating new profit opportunities and improving CSI.

Advantages for F&I

  • More time: Digitized, purified information lowers the chances of incorrect paperwork and reduces contracting time.

  • Increase PVR: Happier customers and more time to sell translates to increases in product penetration and PVR.

  • Faster funding: Identity verification technologies reduce lender declines and buybacks, positively impacting contracts in transit and cash flow.

  • Protects your dealership: Standardized, fully compliant & secure data capture/export + forensic authentications reduces compliance risks and identity fraud threats - protecting your customers and your reputation.

Grow Volume, Earn More Gross, and Improve Efficiency

Command a price premium for an amazing showroom experience. Estimate for yourself the value and ROI ID Drive can deliver for your dealership.

What Our Customers are Saying


“The ID DRIVE scanner eLEND Solutions provides us has been invaluable. Just last month, we had 4 people arrested in our Group 2 were from fake temporary licenses, but 2 were real looking Texas Driver Licenses that were fraud. I wish I would have thought of this!”


Bayway Auto Group

Houston, TX


”ID Drive™ and our new “it must be scanned” process means far more leads are getting captured and worked. And for our dealerships It’s been HUGE: it’s led directly to a 10% increase in sales – or, about 50 incremental car sales a month.”

benny boyd logo

Benny Boyd Automotive

Lampasas, TX

Identity Fraud Solution For Car Dealers

“We are in Richmond CA, High rate of fraud and crime....Can't put a number on the amount of money we have saved with eLEND’s ID Drive™ just in stopping fraud alone!!”

hilltop logo

Hilltop CDJR

Richmond, CA