CREDIT Solutions

The Fastest Way to Increase Visitor to Sales Ratios

Credit platform for remote and in-store buyers, delivers the best performing and certified secure digital credit platform available in the retail automotive industry.

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Works The Way You Do

CreditPlusTM is not an out of the box platform.  By design, we offer endless configuration options - giving you the flexibility to determine what advantages and workflows work best for your dealership.

Credit Reports

  • Partnered with Experian, Equifax and TransUnion

  • Integrated partner with most credit resellers including 700Credit, CBC and NCC. (Able to integrate with all other resellers.)

  • Configurable for soft credit pull pre-screen, pre-qualification and traditional hard credit pulls.

  • Full credit report file (Not selective attributes) and live FICO score (Not a score range) included with all pre-approvals and all pre-qualifications from all bureaus.

  • Pull 1, 2 or 3 full-featured bureau reports in seconds

  • Integrated Compliance Suite

Ultimate Flexibility

  • Soft pull pre-qualification (with or without SS#)

  • Optional/required form input fields

  • Multiple Yes/No configuration options

  • Option for cash buyers

  • Option to push the customer’s non-PII information directly into your CRM.

  • Yes/No option to push into DealerTrack and RouteOne platforms for decisioning.

  • Campaign, salesperson and vehicle specific credit app URL’s.

Deliver a consistent online to in-store credit workflow with one platform

CreditPlusTM includes direct integrations with DealerTrack, RouteOne, and all major CRM, Inventory and website providers.  API’s enable bi-lateral information exchange with many Digital Retailing platforms and other platforms involved in the sales and finance deal flow.

Un-Matched Value

For one monthly price, use one, multiple or all of our Credit solutions as part of your
CreditPlusTM subscription.

Buyers are always going to prefer to shop on their own terms

Not all credit solutions are created equal. Get unrivaled flexibility, control and
results from a single online and in-store Credit platform.


[Remote Buyer Solutions]

credit solution

Maximize deal generation efforts with your remote shoppers leveraging the credit platform with the best available lead-to-sales ratios, eliminating online to in-store frictions, and is compatible - not competitive - with your existing service providers.


[Showroom Solutions]


Sell more cars faster with dealer-initiated pre-screens and a paperless, self-service enabled showroom credit portal configurable for soft credit pull pre-qualification and traditional hard credit pulls - with no login requirement and fully integrated, certified secure credit workflows.

Longo Toyota

EI Monte, CA

"For 10 years, eLEND has provided Longo Toyota with first class products, matched with first-class service. eLEND's Credit Solutions are a key component of our Digital Retailing strategies. They power our credit applications and have an API with our Roadster Retailing tool. eLEND has been a great business partner, allowing us to move towards a fully digital experience for our guests."